Russian texts and books online

Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore
The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore (FEB-web) is a full-text digital resource. FEB-web accumulates information in text, audio, visual, and other forms on 11th-20th-century Russian literature, Russian folklore, and the history of Russian literary scholarship and folklore studies.
Online full-text library of many classics of Russian literature in the public domain, including both prose and poetry; it also includes short biographies and portraits of the authors.
Kulichki Library of Russian Literature
Online collection of Russian literature, and links to other resources on Russian literature.
Library of Russian Internet Libraries: Writers’ Collections
Index of Russian writers and their works online, focusing on lesser-known authors. brings together information on the best literary Russian Internet resources: digital libraries, reviews of the book news, literary competitions and much more.
Maksim Moshkov’s Library of Russian Literature Online
Contains fiction, politics, technical documentation, humor, history, poetry, the PCB, Russian rock, tourism, parachute jumping, philosophy, spirituality, the paranormal, etc.
Russian Books On-Line (In English)
Listing of classic Russian texts, all translated into English.
Russian Library of Classics
An extensive collection of Russian literature, in Russian for the most part, with some English translations.
Russian Literature Online
A collection of Russian literature, for the purpose of studying and improving knowledge of the Russian language.
Russian Virtual Library 
The Russian Virtual Library (“Russkaia Virtual’naia Biblioteka”, RVB) is a non-commercial humanitarian project. RVB is an academic digital library whose aim is electronic publication of both classical and contemporary works of Russian literature on the Web and CD-ROMs. All publications are based on authentic sources and provided with academic commentaries.
University of Adelaide Library: Russian literature (in English)
Collection of online translations to English of classic Russian authors.

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