On this page  links to key lesson materials for your Russian language learning will appear as they become available

Learn the Russian alphabet

Other resources:

  • Ruslan produce well-designed CD-ROMs (as well as books and tapes) for learners of Russian. The site also includes listings of where to study Russian in the UK.
  • Master Russian – plenty for the novice and advanced students of Russian; from language lessons to web cams, dictionaries to pen pals, alphabet to crosswords, grammar to Tolstoy.
  • Russnet is a large online Russian language learning and teaching network which includes several high quality language modules (e.g. Business Russian or a Cultural Map of Russia). It’s a project of the American Council of Teachers of Russian so there is provision for teachers to maintain dedicated virtual classroom space and to make assignments for use in conjunction with the modules, plus plenty more of interest to teachers (materials, jobs, professional bodies, assessment tools etc.)
  • Russian Language Mentor – extensive site from the US military for intermediate to advanced students. Loads of reading and listening comprehensions, grammar review (ask your own questions) and sections on cultural and scientific literacy sit alongside crossword puzzles and linguistic oddities. Constant reminders of its origin apart, there’s a lot of useful material here, all presented in a surprisingly light-hearted way.
  • Russian Language Program at Cornell University has some pioneering online multimedia materials, such as Beginning Russian through Filmand Dictionary of the Human Body.
  • The CEELBAS Language Repository has open-access teaching and self-study materials for languages of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, some specifically aimed at social sciences/humanities researchers. Languages include Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak and Ukrainian.
  • Various blogs aim at higher-level learners – try Everyday RussianОчень по-русскиRussificate or Transparent Language’s Russian blog.
  • Lib.ru and Russkaia virtualnaia biblioteka have lots of classic 19th and 20th century literature.
  • From the Ends to the Beginning is a bilingual anthology of Russian poetry, many with audio readings.
  • Gramota.ru – portal for the Russian language with a great deal of advanced content including a selection of specialist dictionaries and a free reference service where you can ask questions. The site isn’t aimed at foreign students, so it’s all in Russian.
  • S azov (Russian from Scratch) is a communicative ab initio Russian language textbook developed at the University of Wolverhampton, available as PDF files plus interactive tests on each chapter.
  • Multitran is an interesting translation dictionary which allows phrase searches, and can disregard morphology. It contains over 2m entries for more than 20 subjects, and also has a good list of subject-specific dictionaries.
  • Russian Grammatical Dictionary (Duke University) gives full paradigms for all entries, including recordings of each word form by a native speaker of Russian.

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